Oliver Böhm

Birkenwaldstr. 214

70191 Stuttgart

Phone:+49 (0)711-99337-100

Fax:+49 (0)711-99337-105


Oliver Boehm is a Stuttgart, Germany, based lawyer with a spezial expertise in banking and financial planning. He is supported by a highly specialised team of experts checking the stock, bond, mutual funds and real estate markets all around the world.

Thus he is able to render professional legal and investment advice as well as financial planning services to individuals and businesses.

His primary objective is to help the client maximize their net worth by proper asset allocation.

The highend-clients are being serviced as follows:

  • Manage the acquisitions of existing and/or new businesses as well as acquisitions of an interest, silent partnerships, foundation of a trust or family office
  • Advising senior executives and/or Board of Directors on business management issues,
  • Managing the purchase and/or sale of homes and real estate.
  • Managing lawsuits
  • Mentoring and guiding younger generation on: pre-nuptial agreements; business opportunities; philanthropic involvements and responsibility.
  • Mediating family member conflicts and differences.

On request appointments are also being offered as well outside the office as on Sundays and public holidays.